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Interactive Design

Covid-19 Testing With Meenta

COVID-19 has forced a lot of businesses to adapt at neck-breaking speeds and pivot services to address real-time needs. Meenta happened to be one of those businesses. Our team was tasked with creating a revamped customer experience that would help connect organizations and laboratories specifically for quick and cost effective Covid-19 testing and monitoring.

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We mapped out, organized, and wireframed net new content so that it could exist cohesively with their current company website.




We needed to sell organizations on the importance of streamlined testing and monitoring while also helping employees and students understand Covid-19 itself. This lead us to outlining a lot of the content in consumable chronological steps with simple and straight-forward illustrations.


Illustrations and Icons by Brian Weaver


Cheat sheets, Fact sheets, and general guides were created as well to help end users better understand Covid-19.


We targeted businesses and universities through online advertising on multiple platforms.


A scalable FAQ module to help answer common questions from potential customers.


Although there wasn't a lot of turn-around time for this project, we were able to put together a cohesive and effective experience for our client's customers and respective employees/students. This translated to increased paid conversions and brand awareness.


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