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Interactive Design

Hi, I'm


I design, prototype,
and animate



for the web.

I enjoy working on:

Mobile Apps


Motion Design




Design Systems


and follow a simple design process:


To be able to design relevant and impactful work, we need to be able to understand your business needs and goals inside and out. We're not only looking at immediate problems to solve, but the big picture that will evolve over time.

This phase involves steps like user/stakeholder interviews, competitor analysis, SWOT analysis, heuristic evaluation, and a general content audit.


Once we have a good understanding of our project and its digital context, we can start to define what success will be and who we want to succeed. Goals, KPI's, personas, journey maps, user flows, +more will help us accomplish that.


So far, we've identified the what. Now we need to explore the how. In this phase we'll figure out which strategic direction we want to go in for our execution. This will involve steps like moodboarding, brainstorming, sketching, wireframing, and prototyping.

The goal is to get a consensus and shared understanding of our content and information architecture before deciding on any styling.


We can now begin to design, animate and build what our end users will experience.

This includes things like typography, colors, components, breakpoints, grids, templates and more.


Before and after projects get rolled out we'll get feedback from user tests, internal QA, and stakeholders to identify any optimizations, fixes, and/or additions we can make to improve experience.


And finally, once a project or update has completed we'll begin to package deliverables.

In addition to source files, we will document designs and prepare assets in multiple formats for future use.

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